Code Village

We also have come up with a targeted program for students in schools thus from primary right up to high school level. This is through one of our new programs called Code Village which seeks to give coding skills to these young generation. That helps to give and develop computational thinking and skills which will help in problem solving skills as they get an opportunity to be exposed to math, algorithms and logic.

Apart from that it serves as an entry level to the broader community of developer which are in Zimbabwe

and worldwide thus a chance to create their own destinies and create a world they want to see and live in or be part of.

These will also be setup for the communities which will seek to empower those youth that are out of the formal school structure with skills that are able to give them a living.

This program will run through projects, progressive tasks, and engaging challenges at the same time will be playful learning as learner will be learning to create games, websites and various projects.

Use Case Scenarios

Develop computational skillsets


Schools, trainging institutes, corporates…

Developing Programming Skills

Having programming helps influence everyday logical decision making, structural information ordering and peforming operations systematically.