Innovation is the motherboard of

every technology…

We at Modern Learning Solutions, provide timely 21st century learning solutions. Our core focus is to help schools to integrate technology with education. We achieve this by providing the hardware and software at a fairly affordable price and terms, to help them enhance their learning. Above all we also impart knowledge and skills on how the hardware and software is used to integrate with education


Enhance learning through the maximum use of technology.

Mission Statement

Is to be the most customer centric e-learning organization from Africa to the world.

Problem Statement

The transition from the traditional approach to the modern learning approach has been slow as there are still a number of schools around the country that are still far behind in adopting technology in their education due to lack of resources including knowledge on how to integrate technology with education.

There has been resistance in the adoption of technology in education due to fear that teachers will be replaced by technology. Modern Learning Solutions sees teachers as the conveyors of education content and therefore take them as the first recipients of technology.

What we can help you achieve

Personal or corporate branding | SEO optimization | Web & UI Design | Standing out in the crowd

Brief History
  • 2013 – Company formed as Communication Centre
  • 2014 – We added graphic designing and large format printing
  • 2015 – We started a program called “Computer Literate Generation from the Grassroots”
  • 2016 – We introduced ICT workshops and training
  • 2017 – We came up with several products and services including IWBs, M.A.S. & Code Village
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Our Values


We excel in delivering services to our clients and exceeding their
expectations. We believe in competing with ourselves and our past, exceeding what we offered previously. Our focus is continuously research and innovation to improve our products and services having our clients in mind.


We believe that all our staff members are leaders and thus are given an opportunity to express themselves and to unleash their potentials. We engage in continuous development and training to raise our staff to become more effective leaders.


We tell the truth of who we are and what we offer. We do not cheat our clients in service delivery. We possess high professionalism within our staff to ensure that service delivery exceeds the expectation of the clients


We ensure that moral principles and ethical standards are kept. We conduct all our business affairs transparently.


Our working environment and service delivery brings joy to both our staff and clients to ensure a formidable teamwork between all our stakeholders for the benefit of all.

Our team members are the

building blocks

that make us GREAT.

We constantly have team building exercises, weekly stand-up meetings, business outings, workshops and seminars; all designed to create a coherent system of effective team players so as to achieve our vision.

What we want to achieve

A world-class company with world-class products…